Dr Renee Mehhra

Dr. Renee Mehrra, based in New York has a doctorate in Public Health and is being consistently recognised by the Asian Indian community as a prominent broadcast journalist and an ambassador for Ayurveda.

General information

A tenacious broadcaster with a burning passion for accurate and compelling story telling and the host of the long running television program, Dr. Renee Mehrra who has a doctorate in Public Health, has been consistently singled out by the Asian Indian community as one of the most prominent broadcast journalists in the tri state area. Her signature show has delivered top notch quality content to its audience in an informational and entertaining style for several years. Dr. Renee Mehrra is the President of Reenbow Media LLC, an advertising, broadcasting and public relations Company in the US, her active engagement with alternative medicine and its applications helps.

Key Facts

An indefatigable advocate for the South Asian community and a civic and community educator, Dr. Renee Mehrra has dedicated herself to addressing the needs of immigrant communities of them tri state area through television and print media and her nonprofit organization POWER (Providing Our Women Equal Rights) to deepen their awareness about their rights as New Americans so they can create their own stories of success.